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  • "STOP! Before you do anything else, I fully recommend you have a chat with Dog Trainer Academy certified trainer Kathy, the knowledge she has is very likely exactly what you are looking for" - Doggy Dan 


My name is Kathy and I’ve always been an animal lover at heart. Be it through rescue, adoption, healthcare or just loving them, I have wanted to help animals in one way or another. It is my belief that no animal is beyond help. Through my business, I will help as many animals as I can for as long as I can!

            To give you a little information on my history up to this point, I have been married to my husband, Mike, for forty-one years. He worked as a humane officer for 22 years before he retired. During that time, I had the pleasure of working alongside him and the veterinarians with whom he worked. I also worked as a veterinary technician for 7 years and started dog training 4 years ago.

            In order to take my business to the next level and expand my training knowledge, I joined the Dog Trainer Academy taught by the world-renowned, Doggy Dan. His gentle and loving dog training techniques are so amazing, and now I’m here to pass them along to you! If you want to understand why your dogs do what they do and how you can win the minds of your dogs, I’m here to make that happen! As I said before, I believe that no dog is a lost cause and I’m willing to do everything I can to prove that. Too many dogs are given up to shelters every day because of unwanted behaviors that can be trained to no longer happen. I have made it my journey to give dogs and their owners the knowledge to change these problems and live the lives they both envisioned.

            I am here to help you love and enjoy the dogs that you welcomed into your home and with which you want to spend your life!


The best to you & your furry friends,

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